Don’t try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there’s something in you, it will come out.”  – Henri Matisse

Veegay –

Veronica Lee, aka Veegay is a renowned composer and one of the very few female audio engineer in Hong Kong. Graduated in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Music, Veegay has a successful 30-year career in music composition for movies, theatre, stage live performance and commercial projects.

Her music is poetic, cinematic, elegant and diverse, ranging to neo-classical composition to electronic sound design, from Shibuya Kei to Trip Hop. She is often praised for her musical knowhow, skillset in Music Production, and her charm and energy in live performances.

Her works include original score for the film – The Midnight After, which own her the “Best Original Film Music” award at the 2014, 34th Hong Kong Film Awards, while the theatre piece – Always By My Side the “Best Original Music (Musical)” at the 2020 29th Hong Kong Drama Awards, and various projects was much loved and won wide acclaim in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

She is an active member of the independent music community and local mentorship program, to inspire and share knowledge with fresh fellow musician. 

李端嫻 –

畢業於香港中文大學音樂系,主修作曲,後獲香港演藝學院音響工程文憑,成為香港少數女音響工程師之一,編曲演奏製作混音無所不能,業界別號「全天候多功能婦女」。曾與香港及台灣歌手如黃耀明、容祖兒、張信哲、at17、何韻詩等合作。此外,李端嫻更曾與亞里安、陳珊妮、范曉萱分別成立樂隊 Minimal, 拜金小姐, 100% ,是獨立音樂界的活躍份子。